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Happy New Year!

Bonne Année!

Acting in front of the Camera
July 2nd-6th 2018

I just finished participating in a 2nd intensive acting workshop (35h this time) directed by Hubert Gillet.
A week very rich in emotions and learnings. 
I really recommend acting workshops, I really think everyone should go through this experience in their lifetime. There is so much to gain from a personal standpoint. And what occurs at the personal level always has an impact on what occurs at the collective level. Personal and collective are interdependent.  
A very enjoyable and very interesting workshop again with some very nice people, people with different backgrounds, with their own strengths and weaknesses, all different and yet with one thing in common: their humanity, offered to the eye of the movie camera. All learning from one another. So touching.
Merci Hubert.
Merci Edwige, Tatiana, Eymeline, Caroline, Cédric, Alain.
And thank you all for your virtual presence.

Acting in front of the Camera
26th-29th March 2018

I just finished participating in an intensive 25h workshop directed by Hubert Gillet.

Hubert Gillet is the director of "In your arms", a French film with Michèle Laroque and Martin Loizillon; he also directed « Lune », a short film that has received more than twenty national and international awards. Hubert Gillet also participated as an actor in many TV movies as well as in feature films such as "La sentinelle" by Arnaud Desplechin, "Nikita" by Luc Besson ...

On stage in Paris
On stage in Paris at the Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell in a show called "Les Grands Prix du Rire", presented by la Compagnie des Hauts de Scène and directed by Eric Laugérias and Vincent Varinier (December 21st-22nd 2017), with a dozen actors/actresses, mostly professional artists. I am here with my stage partner Gilles Rouillet. A beautiful experience and a beautiful collective adventure. And many thanks to all who came to see us :)

October 10th 2017

I have just signed a non exclusive contract with DIGITAL  ARTISTS, a modelling agency specialised in casting for advertisements of all kinds:  advertising shots; television, cinema, and internet commercials; and corporate films, in France as well as abroad.

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